Thursday, November 12, 2009

50 Things

20 Things that have become normal:

1. Not sleeping – ever
2. Not eating – very much and not usually while sitting for long
3. Feeling like there are never enough hours in the day and never completing my (very unrealistic) “to do” list
4. Being tired of the sound of my own voice
5. Wearing PJs all day
6. Being surrounded by spontaneous tantrums and outrageous drama
7. Being late and anxious for any social function or errand I must attend
8. Never dropping my guard and advocating for these children every moment of every day, in any situation; never fully “relaxing”
9. Laughing and crying interchangeably and with no commitment to either one
10. Expecting the unexpected at all times
11. Not being grossed out by anything
12. Letting chaos reign and being okay for lack of control over things I cannot change or help
13. Seeing old things and things I hadn’t noticed in new and exciting ways
14. Have more to loose, but being stronger and braver than ever before
15. Placing more value on my time, feeling like I can always find a better way to be efficient and yet spending more time “in the moment”
16. Cooking (said I never would) and concentrating on healthy meal planning
17. Having (a lot of) extra people in my bed at night
18. Thinking that cuddling on the couch and watching a family movie together is the best “wild night out” I could ever want and the most fun ever.
19. (acknowledgement of) the awesomeness of God and appreciation of the spiritual journey
20. Feeling like no reward in life can compete with a healthy & happy family

20 Things that have become strangely unfamiliar:

1. Religion
2. Bathroom privacy or privacy of any kind
3. Sleep
4. Having a voice or sense of myself
5. Compensation for a day of hard labor
6. Hobbies and reading for pleasure
7. Relaxation and letting everything go once in awhile; being irresponsible
8. Feeling invincible and having nothing of value to loose
9. Being on time and seemingly “having it all together”
10. Expecting that things should go “according to plan” (and for the most part, having them do so)
11. Eating meals sitting down, with foods I enjoy and until I am full
12. Social outings for fun and close female friendships
13. Date nights & Vacations
14. Spending money on things I/we do not “need”
15. Living in a tidy home
16. Going somewhere without an military-style briefing and pre-packed bag
17. Life without doctor’s appointments, school meetings, pharmacy visits, weekly Costco runs, dance, gymnastics and sports classes, scheduled repairs and household maintenance.
18. Talking on the phone (other than to coordinate the above)
19. Being in a car alone; being in a car other than a mini van
20. Quiet

10 Things that I know for sure:

1. No one could ever deeply love and fully understand our children the way my husband and I do (for now, but we welcome the day when family is added)
2. Our bodies cannot be taken forgranted; that good health should be a way of living, and that our focus should be on balance, not rigid restrictions.
3. Disrespect, Discrimination, Bigotry, and Cruelty are Evil and should not be tolerated in ourselves or others, but countered with open love and kindness.
4. There is joy in every day of life and that every tiny gift should be celebrated.
5. Swearing is sometimes very necessary – even if only privately.
6. “Time outs” are more for the parent than the child.
7. That educating oneself, exploring, reading, adventuring…should continue on to the very last breath.
8. Nothing anyone can ever say to you, will be as profound as what they do not, that words really do hurt and that forgiveness is freedom
9. There is humor in almost any situation and that laughing allows the soul to be renewed.
10. Dr Merry’s Potty Pal is the best family-friendly potty training device that ever was invented

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