Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The New Year Plan

I have decided to write a book. Not the usual, begin a chapter, than crumple it up and throw it out. This time, I am really going to give myself the courage to stick with the story and follow it to the end. It will be a fiction of course. How else could any of the drama, exaggeration, outlandish and hyperbolized richness of my tales be done justice and allowed enough space for the characters to breathe? And seeing as how my own mother claims that “I can never remember things the way they actually happened,” maybe my own creative wanderings will bring more excitement to the reader than a boring real life memoir anyway. One thing is for sure, I have plenty of stories to tell! It is all part of my grand 2010 plan. During the past many (insanely busy) weeks, I have been developing a “plan” for going into this new year. Under the duress of routine family life that is anything but routine, I have (gulp) decided to take more time for me…yup, me. The plan is simple: start taking better care of the person that nurtures and cares for everyone else. I am going to get into shape so I can feel more energetic, sleep better, and crave the wholesome foods I feed the kids. I am going to delegate better and say “no” even more so that I have more time to do the things I love: athletics, reading (for leisure), photography, painting and writing. I am even open to the idea of leaving my comfort zone and self-proclaimed “hermitizm” to join some girlfriends for drinks and fun from time to time. It could be a good time…I think. The point is, with all that has taken place this past year, I have begun to feel physically run down, rushed and forgotten from time to time. That has to end here and only I can make that happen. Cheers to the parents brave enough to boldly face your fears and gripes alongside me this 2010 and choose better health, artistic freedom, and happiness for this year’s resolutions..