Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Foster Pups

Meet Sadie & Lucy, sisters scheduled for lethal injection at 10am on January 27th in the city kill shelter. Their crime: Being abandoned and homeless. Their punishment: death. Since we could not let that happen to these precious little girls, we rescued them just in time to bring them home where they have been our “foster pups” for the last three weeks. So glad we did!

Lucy is the older, wiser “sage-like” sister. She had been a mother too at one time. She is camera-shy and quiet. She is a smooth and silky chocolate brown with deep warm, loving eyes. Lucy does not take any silliness from her younger sibling and while allowing her playtime and appeasing her in this way, she also takes adoption very seriously and does not allow her little sis to get naughty, growl, or play too rough. She immediately polices her into submission and reminds her of her status as “alpha.” She prefers the company of the other “alpha” in the house ;-)

Sadie is a longer-legged, lanky and younger blonde beauty with a constant alertness, cool attitude and playful, child-like nature. While she has less patience for the children holding her, she is the first to seek out their attention and praise and prefers their company to that of the adults. Sadie is also a great “fetcher” and has already executed several new toys, extracting the inner “squeeker” with expert precision. She is always very proud of herself and struts around in front of the camera like any other “show-off.”

Both girls are very loyal, sweet, and loving. Both have now been spayed and are recovering well. Both have been mostly potty-trained and are now on a grain-free, probiotic-infused diet. They are great and while we have not decided to keep them forever yet, are so happy that these two girls did not meet a premature end on a cold cement slab, scared and alone. We are committed to making sure they live a long and pampered life from here on out.

And can make the difference in a pet's life today! Adopt or Foster a pound puppy near you! To learn more, please visit or search local shelters and rescue operations at

Monday, February 8, 2010


So much has happened since I updated last. I have been so very busy. The book is underway, at least it is my sincere hope that it becomes one some day. I am hopeful for many things, all of which (despite the horrors and pain around us) I see now as possible. You see, if I am to believe (as I would have my children do so), that all things dreamt, may be achieved, than I too, have to uphold this faith. That is clear to me now. I am still taking better care to take time for me. I have reconnected with “the girls” and stayed true to my goals of better balance; mind and body. I’m cooking everything – I’m involved in many creative projects, I’m taking things slower and holding out for that “right job” while appreciating every day with my babies that I possibly can …before I cannot. Wouldn’t it be great to live in Denmark for awhile? Lol …Wouldn’t it be great if “homemaker” was actually a paid occupation? Wouldn’t it be great if a woman obtaining a college degree to then stay home and raise her own children was thought to be a profitable investment, wise choice, healthy balance? I think so. But this is not our world here. And so, off to work I shall go, …but not without a fight. In keeping with my plan for wellbeing overall, I am being extremely “picky.” I want to be happy and accessible to my children and husband. I will wait it out. And in this period of waiting and healing…we hear back any day on Nathan’s final diagnosis. Two months off medication now, he is the same child. He is so very special and loved. Some things will never change …but some will.