Monday, August 3, 2009

Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama & Home

This past week zoomed past us similarly to the entire year. Our one week Summer vacation became a scramble of getting down to Tennessee, a ton of fun-filled activities spread between 3 states, and then a hurried trek back home here in the Northeast for a Friday morning interview.

The interview went great after studying the whole way there and back. While I felt extremely well prepared, I have not had much experience and it was difficult anticipating what questions I would be asked by the two directors and HR officer. Still, I am very happy with the end result and know that I gave it my best.
Now I wait for an answer and research childcare availabilities as we prepare for school and Fall activities in two and a half weeks.

After the awesome time we had visiting family and friends in the south, the drive home & interview, we really soaked up every last minute we had as a family over the weekend. We hit a great new disney movie, and took in a long sunny day at A Local Amusement Park. As we passed the huge lines into the park, we remembered that we’d never be able to do this without the generous gift Memere gave us for Christmas and how much we have been blessed all year.

Despite all the uncertainty ahead, we are positive and grateful for all so far.

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