Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunkissed In August

There is never a better time to seize the day than right now. Although I have never been one of those spontaneous people, I am also not the “planner” everyone thinks of me as being. Somewhere in the very balanced middle, I find myself enjoying each moment “not knowing” the outcome, but appreciating it as it comes more and more. Jim has taught me to slow down while ‘working’ faster. The kids have afforded me the gift of never being able to predict the outcome of any given situation and the knowledge that anything that can go “differently than planned”- inevitably will do just that. So I embrace the everyday, the broad outline of a plan paired with the open flexibility for un-scheduled fun, laughs and cries. I make a point to find positives and lessons where I would have never guessed. I let myself soak up all the beauty around me and find pleasure in simple things.

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