Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Speed Bumps

Our dinner plans for the evening?...The emergency room! In one of his worst tantrums yet, our oldest punched his hand through a glass window earlier today, leaving behind huge shards of it in his right palm and fingers. It began over another one of his "issues" with my not disciplining another child sufficiently or forcing them to "follow the rules" of the game. He was outraged at the other child (and me) for allowing them to "get away with it." I tried to explain that the child was not my child to provide consequences for, and that he would be leaving very shortly when his mother arrived. Things escalated quickly from there. He is so rigid and there is no room for "exceptions." So (without my knowing why and just knowing it needed to be done), I removed him from the pool area to calm down while I watched the children still swimming outside. Because I did not stay to "hear him out" - the screaming began, then banging, then a frightening smashing sound from the back door window.

Nate is struggling and we are with him. Each day presents new challenges for this big-hearted sweet boy and we pray that the upcoming school year isn’t as “bumpy” as the last but we are cautiously optimistic.

While his early summer therapy sessions and testing went well, discovering he has ADHD, in addition to some mood “stuff” that happens from time to time, we came out of things with the “plan” of transferring to a local therapist after diagnosis was made and taking things one step at a time.

I guess even top professionals, fall short of best laid “plans.” School begins next week and we still have not properly adjusted Nate’s meds through his pediatrician and no records have yet been sent to the new therapist’s office despite my many phone calls, emails and letters of request.

We have a PPT meeting scheduled with the school (which are difficult to get and even harder to re-schedule) on the first week that I’m not sure I will be able to attend (not knowing about job call backs or start dates), and have no documentation of Nate’s IQ, Academic Placement, and Psychological tests from the countless hours spent across the state in sessions that we cannot prove took place until the records are sent (and as a result), have no formal recommendations yet for advocating on our son’s behalf.

The medication (while helping tremendously during the early part of their long-acting application), is no use after about 4-5 hours and cannot possibly help throughout and entire school day and afternoon activities as it is currently prescribed. I am deeply concerned as we titrate upward for the maximum effectiveness and Nathan gets sick to his stomach, looses appetite, and continues to drop in weight. We are watching him closely through tears and frustration.

This is a neurologically-based, proven chemical deficiency that can complicate every facet of one’s life if not treated. We have done everything in our power that we can do through diet, activity level, social, and sleep cycle modifications, love, support, provision of safe places and a communicative vocabulary. Still, how do you help when you feel helpless?

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