Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chef Rocco and Other Topics

So last night, ok well...only a few hours ago, I came home to bed down with my husband after a friend's annual Christmas party. Like every year, it is the one time that we can actually spend time out together, without the children - as "grown-ups!" Also, it is probably one of the few times during the year, that I actually have a few drinks and "let loose." As a mom who (appears) to "have it all together" most of the time, this is SO much fun! Nothing was off limits in the evening's topics and the wine tasting did not end until long after midnight. Chef Rocco's latest pick (Avacado Relish) in the Costco holiday recipe book, was up for chatting and review. The verdict was - spectacular! ...Just add a few teaspoons of minced garlic. Men's underware choices and what women really want to see on their man, was another topic covered in our circle of silliness. After several full glasses of wine, this particular subject empassioned me to speak up and "advise" the "tighty-whity" wearing friend (can't believe he admitted it), that this practice should cease immediately and the drawers of his undergarments cleansed! lol ...Last year's party and the "ass-grabbing" aunt came up, bringing barrells of laughs that just wouldn't stop... And amongst all the merriment and good people, we agreed that next year (with the addition of "boy M & Ms and "Jello Shots"), will be even more fun! ...Oh the way I'm paying for it now though!

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