Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gratefully Moving Forward

Fall is creeping in and just like any other season, we are taking in all the fresh air we can, looking for adventure in unlikely places and stepping forward with renewed hope at a time when we need to be most thankful for all of our blessings & generous with what little gifts we can offer.

Together we always find ways to have an incredibly great time even when things get really tough. We remind ourselves that it is so good to be continually making a home and enjoying our family...the good, the bad and the otherwise...we still have one another.

As we continually work on many home projects and I stay on the “job hunt,”coordinating resulting/upcoming childcare, after-school activities and all the other nuances of daily life, Our Family is generally staying very, very busy.

Looking ahead we are gearing up for a productive season, finishing the interior walls, yard & outside projects & hoping to start laying out the floors and gutting our charming 60s style bathrooms this Winter. ...But we’ll have to see...

This is our family life - a crazy, fast pace, blessed and full life, complete with everyday struggles and surprises at every turn.

While we pioneer the unknown course ahead with all of you, we wish you health & happiness.

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