Saturday, September 26, 2009

Changes Big and Small, Smiles of Plenty

Li-lo grew several inches, gained several pounds and turned seven this year. She also increasingly became a more diverse and accomplished artist: took a more active interest in photography, began using several new mediums and techniques, exploring her sense of fashion and style, took a more active role in her hair colors and cosmetics, and developed an insatiable love for baking!

This amazing, passionate, sweet little person also gave up her big day to go grocery shopping and attend her brother’s soccer game with no fuss at all. She said that “between dinner at (her fave restaurant) and getting to bake cookies with her new birthday set, it was the best birthday ever.”

The next day she continued to shine when the sun wouldn’t. After a month of beautiful weather, our plans to go celebrate her birthday at a local amusement park with friends were foiled under a huge rain cloud. Loren said “That’s okay, we’ll just find something else to do.” That is her way, and that is only one of the countless reasons she is so very special.

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