Monday, May 4, 2009

A Perfect Fifth

Though our family may be like so many across our country right now and a great many are suffering in a much greater need, we are at the crossroads too, and grateful for every day that we still have this roof over our head, counting our daily blessings and never taking forgranted that without all this “stuff” we still have the precious gift of our family. While a common story, it not a simple one. Jim and I met at a precarious time in both of our lives where we had already lived two lifetimes in one and were not looking to “complicate things” any further with a relationship. Being that we were 11 years apart in age and coming from complete opposites ends of the spectrum compounded things further. We couldn’t afford not to have certain difficult conversations that couples usually wait years for.. We truly found our best friend in life and the answer to our prayers in a very unlikely place in time and space.. Just three months later, Jim proposed. At six, we discovered we were pregnant! Knowing that the only choice for us was to keep this tiny miracle, we changed course. After all, we never expected life would bring us one another and who were we to decide the order in which these gifts should come? A decade later, we stand united as a family of five, strong, beautiful, brave, creative, unique, good people. Still mourning the loss of a mother, we take in the span of our lives together so far; mending and selling of two homes and sharing a third with a disabled parent and all the nuances that brings, injuries, childbirths, child losses, illness and other ups and downs of life, two loving surrogacies and other struggles and joys. We are so humbled and appreciative for what we have and those that stand with us on this unpredictable journey.

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