Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back To Work

Well we are back to work and “in the thick of it,” quite literally with buckets of stucco, gallons of paint and ceiling popcorn, scrapers, sanders and such...a real mess all in the hopes of real progress. The kids were bummed as we held off all Spring sports (don’t feel too bad - they still have gymnastics and dance) to keep things going and get the job done at long last.

You see, we moved in about 5 years back, built a 1,200 sq ft in-law apartment from studs up for Jim’s dad and have been living upstairs on a plywood floor, with stripped walls for years while paying cash for each new project as we could afford it.

Now finally with the flooring stacked up and ready to lay down, 20 ft of center wall removed and engineered beams put into the ceiling, ceilings & walls patched, electrical and heating re-routed, and new ceiling texture in, we are now turning our attentions to walls and paint (hopefully before the yard starts to feel neglected and beyond repair).

Can’t really complain though. Out of our three homes so far, this one has been the most work, but also the most worthwhile.

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